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Money order cheap imitrex shop otc

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I would just like to say that my family are all allergy, and headache sufferers. We have chronic head pain that often becomes severe migraine pain. My 15 year old son is almost disabled on a daily basis by this. Desperate to find a solution, we could not wait to try your Imitrex. I tried it first and was amazed at how it worked, immediately. I went ahead and let my son try it. He didn't resist using it, as he does with so many products. He uses it always when he has head pain. He has finally found relief. I don't hear "I have a headache" every time I pick him up from school. What a miracle this is. This child has suffered since he was an infant. Now he smiles and wants to do things he never felt well enough to do. This product has already helped our family BEYOND our expectations. I will be a customer for life, and will not let our supply of Imitrex ever run out. Thank you for EXCELLENT customer service. You have been very kind and treated us as valued customers. In this day and age, this is hard to come by. With sincere gratitude.

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At first, I thought it was great- no headache. Then, the more frequently I used the medication to treat my migraines, the more debilitating side-effects I began to experience. I could first mitigate the burning/pain and weakness in my head, neck and jaw and the general feeling of malaise/fatigue by the administration of Naproxen or Ibuprofen prior to the Imitrex, but then, even that ceased to be effective. I finally quit after experiencing total body weakness, a more severe burning/pain in my upper extremeties than ever before (accompanied by fluctuating hot/cold sensations everywhere else), irregular heartbeat and irregular breathing after administration. If you experiencing adverse side-effects- it gets worse! Please, find something else.

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